Market Report: April 24, 2024

By April 24, 2024Market Report
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Market Report: April 24, 2024

ICE canola futures rallied sharply on Tuesday, supported by a general rally in the oilseed complex. The nearby July contract gained C$17.80 per tonne to settle at C$460.60 per tonne. Canola received support from gains in soybean and palm oil futures and a 10 to 11 cent per bushel gain in soybean nearby futures. European rapeseed futures also contributed to the positive momentum, rising by 2.7 percent during the week. Despite previous losses, Canola managed to recover nearly all its losses from last week. 

Opinion & Suggestion: The rally in ICE canola futures indicates a positive turn in market sentiment, buoyed by strength in the broader oilseed complex. While recent losses caused concern, the recovery suggests potential upside in the near term. Consider closely monitoring market dynamics and setting target prices to capitalize on the current upward momentum.  

Wheat markets experienced positive movement on Tuesday, with nearby winter wheat contracts rising by 16 to 20 cents per bushel by the end of the trading session. Minneapolis futures also showed strength, posting gains of nine to ten cents per bushel. However, the market is unwinding the Minneapolis and Kansas City futures spread, with September contracts dropping to a low of 58 cents per bushel in favor of spring wheat. This narrowing spread indicates market dynamics to watch closely in the coming days. 

Opinion & Suggestion: The positive movement in wheat markets, particularly for nearby winter wheat contracts, is a welcome development after recent volatility. However, the narrowing spread between Minneapolis and Kansas City futures warrants careful attention as it may indicate shifting market dynamics. Stay informed about market trends and monitor spread movements closely.  

Crop conditions in the Southern Plains deteriorated in the past week due to dry soil moisture conditions, particularly impacting the Hard Red Winter wheat crop. With temperatures climbing and crops entering the heading stage, stress levels are expected to increase rapidly. Urgent rains are needed to prevent further deterioration in crop conditions. Meanwhile, concerns persist over disruptions in grain exports from Russia, potentially affecting major importers like Egypt. 

Opinion & Suggestion: The deteriorating crop conditions in the Southern Plains raise concerns about production outlooks, particularly for the Hard Red Winter wheat crop. Additionally, disruptions in grain exports from Russia add to market uncertainties and may impact global supply dynamics. Keep a close watch on weather forecasts and crop condition reports, especially in key growing regions.  

Light rains were expected for much of the Prairies on Tuesday, with central Prairies expecting to see five to 10 millimeters of precipitation this week. Western Manitoba and the Foothills were forecasted to receive 20 to 30 mm. High temperatures were set to range from the mid-teens to low-20s Celsius. However, ongoing dryness in the US west-central Plains region and parts of Russia’s Southern region remain concerns, highlighting the need for continued monitoring. 

Opinion & Suggestion: While the prospect of light rains across the Prairies offers some relief, ongoing dryness in the US west-central Plains region and parts of Russia’s Southern region remains a significant concern. The need for timely precipitation to support crop development underscores the importance of weather monitoring. Continuously monitor weather forecasts and implement contingency plans to address potential production challenges arising from adverse weather conditions. 

Sellers Tip: Buyers are actively participating in the market, particularly for June/July contracts. With August quickly approaching, it’s essential to consider posting targets for spring/summer grain to maximize revenue opportunities and manage market risk effectively. Being proactive in this volatile market environment can help mitigate potential losses and capitalize on favourable price movements. 

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