Is Agfinity a Fit for You?

If you are a Tenacious individual who wants to work at an amazing company, with a great team and you love developing connections in office and over the phone then keep reading!

If you are direct, detail oriented and can hold your own when dealing with strong personalities, read on!

If you thrive when you blink and it is lunch time and you blink again and it is unfortunately time to head home for the day, keep going!

If you like to juggle, whether it be balls or eggs, or, most importantly, multiple tasks at once, scroll further!

If you find it thrilling to successfully help people find the best opportunities for their marketing needs, keep scrolling!

If you like being surrounded by multiple monitors and tech with constantly innovating and transforming systems to improve efficiencies, well, you know, keep going!

If your ear was made to handle a headset and your fingers were made to transform your thoughts to words, truck on!

If you enjoy food, well, it’s not a must, but it may feel weird if you don’t, keep clicking that down arrow!

If you are a genuine article and like to be see-through, well, more correctly transparent in what you do, keep moving forward!

If you are a bit old school and still believe that a handshake matters, well, you just might be our type!

Some of our types are:

We have motor bikers, mountain bikers, artists and musicians. We have hockey players and surfers, video game heroes and movie buffs, farmers and city dwellers, and any variety in between! We are family people, single people, fun people and happy people!

How You Can Become an Agfinity Team Member:

  1. You acquired this job ad, somehow.
  2. You started at the top of this ad and you are still reading now.
  3. This ad has got your curiosity piqued.
  4. You tell us you’re interested (apply with a resume and cover letter letting us know why you think you would be a good fit and your goals for the next few years to
  5. You chat on the phone with us when we set up a phone interview to see how truly remarkable you sound.
  6. You come to meet the team so we can see how remarkable you are and so you can confirm the facts in this ad.


Don’t ignore this opportunity! Don’t be afraid of change! Come in and check us out, we don’t mind! Worst case scenario, you get to visit with some really cool people for a while. Best case scenario – you find out how awesome things can be by visiting us and accepting our offer!

Apply Today

Apply by October 30th, 2020 with your resume and cover letter to be considered for our December 2020 position starts.