It’s a New Year!

By January 3, 2024Blog

Well…another year has come and gone. By now you have probably been inundated with posts all over your social media about how great/good/bad or awful 2023 was for people and what they plan to do to make 2024 the best year ever. I have spent many a New Year’s Day doing the exact same thing, only to often feel like I have failed or let myself down within the next month or so. I was in the process of figuring out my 2024 intentions when I came across something that made me pause…

And here it is: It goes against Nature to set goals in the middle of Winter. Set goals in the Spring when welcoming in new things and growth feels more aligned. The writer goes on to say, lean into the hibernation stage, release things you don’t need. Eat the extra calories, make a lot of soups, cleanse, and de-clutter your home, plan a garden, drink warm teas. Read and be cozy, connect with your family, buy new comfy pajamas. Journal, paint, draw, bake. Rest and go inward.

I don’t know who the author is, but I am declaring them a Genius! This makes so much sense to me. I have just come out of the busiest time of my year, and I am tired and depleted. When I feel this way, I rarely make sensible decisions that make sense for my life. Every other living being takes time to rest, rejuvenate or hibernate in the winter, but people seem compelled to roll out of holiday times, right into setting goals and resolutions to achieve more and better ourselves. I find we rarely allow time and space to actually rest and reenergize. Because we do not take this time to slow down, I wonder how often we push decisions in the name of ‘making’ progress, rather than goals that really serve what is in our best interest. Maybe this is a big part of why I haven’t always felt successful by February or March.

Anyone else experience this? No…just me then? Ok then. Well…I don’t know about you, but this year I am changing it up, changing the behavior of automatically trying to do more. I am going to ‘Rest and Go Inward’ and allow the next few months to just let my life Be. When Spring arrives, I can be ready to move forward in life, sowing seeds for growth and enrichment.

Happy New Year!

Because Farming is Forever
Corinne Nikish

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Market Report – Mike Szoke

Happy New Year! The new year brings with it new optimism and hope that January doesn’t continue the status quo on what was seen throughout December.

Barley: DLVD Lethbridge pricing is around $310-315/MT, with landed prices for imported US corn hovering around that same price range. With feed lots having already contracted their feed needs well into early spring, compounded with the weaker Canadian dollar continuing to encourage US corn imports, the barley market will continue to remain flat in the coming months.

Canola: The second half of December showed support levels for ICE Canola March futures at $650/MT. Just when you think we’ve hit bottom, this market continues to disappoint. In the new year, March futures have dropped roughly $10/MT and are trading around $640/MT. Is $640/MT going to be the new support level? Who knows since canola is closely tied to crude oil, soybeans, and palm oil markets, which are all showing signs of weakness.

Wheat: According to Russian state statistics, the country produced 92.77 MMT in 2023 compared to 104.23 MMT in 2022. As Russia continues to be the world’s largest wheat exporter, they are hoping to export around 65 MMT. Even though their export options are limited they will continue to play an important role in the global wheat markets and impact the evolution of prices throughout 2024.

Lentils: Some good news for producers here at home as India has extended its import duty exemption until March 31, 2025.

Other news:

  • According to the Russian Fertilizers Producers Association, fertilizer output in 2024 is going to increase by roughly 10%. With international sanctions still in place against Russia, their increase in production should help keep a lid on any major price spikes in this market globally. This is good news as producers begin to price out their fertilizer needs for the 2024 season.
  • The Grain Services Union (GSU) has given Viterra the 72-hour strike notice. Talks between both sides are occurring January 3rd/4th, and if they don’t go well the union workers could be walking off the job sometime Friday afternoon at the earliest.

Seller Tip: January and February are going to fly by and then we will be into road ban season. Put up some targets now for these months; and even further out months if you usually market once road bans are over. Buyers’ contracts for January are already being filled up fast. Give us a call at 1-888-969-5552 and let’s get some targets posted so we can help you capitalize on the short-lived price opportunities as they arise.

Recent Trades

#1 CWSWS Wheat (ID: 25533)
420.00 MT
FOB Irma, AB
Jan 02 – Feb 29
$325.18/MT or $8.85/BU (Gross)
$317.48/MT or $8.64/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 02, 2024

CW Feed SWS Wheat (ID: 25570)
84.00 MT
FOB Vermilion, AB
Jan 02 – Jan 31
$294.00/MT or $8.00/BU (Gross)
$286.30/MT or $7.79/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 02, 2024

OS Feed Oats (ID: 25574)
126.00 MT
FOB Boyle, AB
Jan 02 – Jan 31
$291.79/MT or $4.50/BU (Gross)
$268.24/MT or $4.14/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 02, 2024

CW Feed Barley (ID: 25534)
84.00 MT
FOB Coronation, AB
Jan 01 – Mar 31
$275.58/MT or $6.00/BU (Gross)
$267.88/MT or $5.83/BU (Net)
TRADED Dec 29, 2023

OS #2CW Oats (ID: 25568)
84.00 MT
FOB Stony Plain, AB
Dec 30 – Feb 27
$278.00/MT or $4.29/BU (Gross)
$270.30/MT or $4.17/BU (Net)
TRADED Dec 29, 2023

OS CW Feed Barley (ID: 25524)
42.00 MT
FOB Athabasca, AB
Dec 28 – Jan 13
$301.76/MT or $6.57/BU (Gross)
$257.21/MT or $5.60/BU (Net)
TRADED Dec 28, 2023

CW Feed Barley (ID: 25561)
84.00 MT
FOB Sundre, AB
Jan 01 – Mar 29
$284.00/MT or $6.18/BU (Gross)
$276.30/MT or $6.02/BU (Net)
TRADED Dec 22, 2023

OS Heated Canola (ID: 25541)
84.00 MT
FOB Medicine Hat, AB
Jan 01 – Feb 29
$583.90/MT or $13.24/BU (Gross)
$573.20/MT or $13.00/BU (Net)
TRADED Dec 21, 2023

OS #2CW Oats (ID: 25184)
84.00 MT
FOB Warburg, AB
Feb 01 – Mar 31
$308.65/MT or $4.76/BU (Gross)
$300.95/MT or $4.64/BU (Net)
TRADED Dec 21, 2023

OS CW Feed Barley (ID: 25549)
42.00 MT
FOB Cardston, AB
Jan 08 – Jan 31
$230.00/MT or $5.01/BU (Gross)
$222.30/MT or $4.84/BU (Net)
TRADED Dec 21, 2023

OS #2 Green Peas (ID: 25464)
168.00 MT
FOB Carrot River, SK
Jan 01 – Feb 11
$654.83/MT or $17.82/BU (Gross)
$612.78/MT or $16.68/BU (Net)
TRADED Dec 21, 2023

Malt Barley (ID: 25459)
336.00 MT
FOB St Gregor, SK
Dec 21 – Jan 31
$337.59/MT or $7.35/BU (Gross)
$304.54/MT or $6.63/BU (Net)
TRADED Dec 21, 2023

OS CW Feed Barley (ID: 25542)
84.00 MT
FOB Worsley, AB
Dec 21 – Jan 12
$206.69/MT or $4.50/BU (Gross)
$198.99/MT or $4.33/BU (Net)
TRADED Dec 20, 2023

OS Feed Oats (ID: 25279)
84.00 MT
FOB Beaverlodge, AB
Dec 20 – Jan 15
$260.00/MT or $4.01/BU (Gross)
$252.30/MT or $3.89/BU (Net)
TRADED Dec 20, 2023

#2CW Oats (ID: 25181)
42.00 MT
FOB Warburg, AB
Apr 01 – May 31
$340.40/MT or $5.25/BU (Gross)
$317.70/MT or $4.90/BU (Net)
TRADED Dec 20, 2023