Embracing the World of Books: My Journey into Reading

By January 18, 2024Blog

Throughout my life, I never considered myself an avid reader. Sure, I tackled the mandatory reading assignments during my school years, but I never ventured into the realm of reading for pure enjoyment or as a hobby. However, as the saying goes, “Change is the only constant,” and this year, I’ve found myself on an unexpected and delightful journey into the world of literature.

It all began with a simple goal—a commitment to me to read five books this year. It may sound like a modest target for some, but for me, it marks a significant shift in my interests and priorities.

My inspiration for this newfound passion comes from a most treasured source—my girlfriend. She has always been an avid reader, and her love for books has been contagious. She shared a plethora of recommendations with me, each book opening the door to a new and fascinating world.

One book that immediately piqued my interest is “The House in the Cerulean Sea.” The mere mention of this enchanting title conjured images of a mysterious, otherworldly place waiting to be explored through the pages of a book. It’s a testament to the power of a captivating title.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete exploration of literature without a nod to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. In our household, we are passionate about all things Harry Potter, and I’ve eagerly embraced the idea of diving into the magical series that has captured the hearts of millions around the world.

As a horror enthusiast, I couldn’t resist the allure of Stephen King’s works. His ability to weave spine-tingling tales has always fascinated me. Currently, I’m engrossed in “Carrie,” and it’s been a thrilling experience from the very first page.

My journey into reading has already been a source of joy and personal growth. I’ve discovered the power of storytelling; the way words can transport you to far-off lands or immerse you in the depths of the human psyche. Each book I read introduces me to new perspectives, ideas, and emotions, making me appreciate the art of literature in a way I never thought possible.

So, dear Agfinity community, as we navigate the challenges and triumphs of another year, I invite you to join me on this literary adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned bookworm or just dipping your toes into the world of reading, there’s always room for one more story, one more adventure between the pages of a book.

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Market Report – Erin Harakal

We are two weeks into January and one word to describe most of the commodities is flat. Since the start of the month there has not been any significant changes, if there have been any we have seen prices drop lower.

One commodity that has been standing out but not in a good way has been barley. Barley last week dropped roughly $3/mt delivered Lethbridge. Lethbridge bids for January-March has been ranging from $290-305/mt delivered Lethbridge. Feedlots are starting to get their demand for January-March movement covered and are looking for later movement into the spring and summer months. Price for the later months is very similar to what we are seeing now with no expectations at this time to see a increase in price. Barley has not had a strong export market and the only homes really has been locally.

If your going to talk about barley then you also need to talk about corn. Corn has been a commodity that has been putting a lot of pressure on the barley market these past few months as the feedlots can buy corn a lot cheaper then barley right now. Corn is currently at a 3-year low. Report are saying that the corn price is down 33% from what it was a year ago at this time. The US has had the highest ending stocks in the past five years, while globally the world has had the highest ending stocks in the past 6 years. Needless to say, the US has a lot of corn they need homes for and Canada committed to corn contract early summer with the drought. In order for barley to regain the market the price will need to shift lower than corn to entice feedlots to see it as a more economical solution.

If you’re looking for something with a bit of movement in the market, you may want to look at canola. Canola had its 4th consecutive trading day on Tuesday of trading upwards. Even if the gain was only $1.10/mt this is still a lot better than when it was in a free fall. Despite canola being pressured by crude and soybean oil futures it managed to find support from the European rape seed markets and from soybeans. We will take the small wins where we can with canola right now.

One commodity that I would call the steady one of the group would be milling oats. Milling oats have been unchanged for the last few weeks. Right now, around Central Alberta we have seen FOB pricing between $4.60-5.00/bu FOB for January-May pick up. Feed oats can be seen at $4.00-4.50/bu picked up. It may be time to take advantage of the flat market of oats and book some in.

Sellers Tip: Road Ban season is coming soon if you need to move it due to road restrictions or the yard conditions now is the time to book it in.

Recent Trades

CW Feed Barley (ID: 25608)
252.00 MT
FOB Vegreville, AB
Jan 18 – Feb 29
$255.00/MT or $5.55/BU (Gross)
$254.91/MT or $5.54/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 18, 2024

CW Feed Barley (ID: 25686)
210.00 MT
FOB Leduc, AB
Apr 10 – May 31
$264.00/MT or $5.74/BU (Gross)
$256.30/MT or $5.58/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 17, 2024

#1CW CPSR Wheat (ID: 25679)
42.00 MT
FOB Rivercourse, AB
Feb 01 – Feb 29
$281.44/MT or $7.65/BU (Gross)
$273.74/MT or $7.44/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 17, 2024

Feed Oats (ID: 25666)
42.00 MT
FOB St. Paul, AB
Jan 16 – Jan 31
$326.00/MT or $5.02/BU (Gross)
$292.95/MT or $4.51/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 16, 2024

OS Rye Screenings (ID: 25670)
42.00 MT
FOB Lloydminster, SK
Jan 16 – Mar 26
$155.50/MT or $3.94/BU (Gross)
$147.80/MT or $3.75/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 16, 2024

OS #2 Green Peas (ID: 25650)
168.00 MT
FOB Carrot River, SK
Feb 01 – Mar 31
$698.14/MT or $19.00/BU (Gross)
$656.09/MT or $17.85/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 12, 2024

#2 Yellow Peas (ID: 25658)
168.00 MT
FOB Prince Albert, SK
Jan 22 – Feb 29
$409.99/MT or $11.15/BU (Gross)
$402.29/MT or $10.94/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 12, 2024

#2CW Oats (ID: 25497)
84.00 MT
FOB Vegreville, AB
Jan 12 – Feb 28
$285.00/MT or $4.39/BU (Gross)
$277.30/MT or $4.27/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 12, 2024

CW Feed Barley (ID: 25586)
420.00 MT
FOB Vegreville, AB
Jan 11 – Mar 15
$275.58/MT or $6.00/BU (Gross)
$245.53/MT or $5.34/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 11, 2024

CW Feed Barley (ID: 25359)
168.00 MT
FOB Bawlf, AB
Jan 10 – Jan 31
$298.55/MT or $6.50/BU (Gross)
$263.50/MT or $5.73/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 09, 2024

Feed Oats (ID: 25626)
84.00 MT
FOB Dewberry, AB
Jan 09 – Feb 29
$280.00/MT or $4.31/BU (Gross)
$272.30/MT or $4.19/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 09, 2024

CW Feed Barley (ID: 25627)
42.00 MT
FOB Dewberry, AB
Jan 09 – Feb 29
$270.00/MT or $5.87/BU (Gross)
$262.30/MT or $5.71/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 09, 2024

CW Feed Barley (ID: 25603)
84.00 MT
FOB Eckville, AB
Jan 09 – Mar 29
$266.00/MT or $5.79/BU (Gross)
$258.30/MT or $5.62/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 09, 2024

#2CW Oats (ID: 25629)
126.00 MT
FOB Vegreville, AB
Jan 05 – Feb 29
$283.00/MT or $4.36/BU (Gross)
$275.30/MT or $4.24/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 09, 2024

Feed Oats (ID: 25607)
84.00 MT
FOB Leduc, AB
Jan 10 – Feb 29
$299.49/MT or $4.61/BU (Gross)
$291.79/MT or $4.50/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 09, 2024

CW Feed Barley (ID: 25610)
126.00 MT
FOB Morinville, AB
Jan 08 – Feb 29
$265.00/MT or $5.76/BU (Gross)
$257.30/MT or $5.60/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 08, 2024

CW Feed Barley (ID: 25578)
126.00 MT
FOB Round Hill, AB
Feb 01 – Feb 15
$255.00/MT or $5.55/BU (Gross)
$247.30/MT or $5.38/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 05, 2024

#2 Yellow Peas (ID: 25562)
42.00 MT
FOB Camrose, AB
Jan 04 – Jan 31
$494.56/MT or $13.45/BU (Gross)
$486.86/MT or $13.25/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 04, 2024

OS Feed Oats (ID: 25582)
42.00 MT
FOB Grimshaw, AB
Jan 05 – Jan 12
$283.36/MT or $4.37/BU (Gross)
$275.66/MT or $4.25/BU (Net)
TRADED Jan 04, 2024

OS #2 Red Lentils (ID: 25590)
126.00 MT
FOB Hardisty, AB
Jan 05 – Feb 29
$816.07/MT or $0.37/LB (Gross)
$808.37/MT or $0.367/LB (Net)
TRADED Jan 04, 2024