Winning in Winter… but HOW!

By November 6, 2017Blog

A farmer’s work is never done, even if it is, there is ALWAYS something else they can find to fix, make, change, move or haul. But with winter descending on North America slower times are certain to align with lower temperatures. But just because things might seem to move slower, doesn’t mean something very valuable can’t be achieved!

Most likely, a farmer’s last thought would be “Hey I should take a break” In fact it might be hard to convince many of them at all to take one… That just shows their sheer determination to “be ready for anything”, ok maybe a little stubbornness too… But it is important to note, that we are all human, even you farmers!

We appreciate everything you do, but we want you to keep doing it! And to keep doing it as long and as healthy as you possibly can! So make sure that this winter is one you can find a REST! As tough as all the farmers of the world are, we all need to take care of ourselves, the tough grind a farmers body goes through year after year deserves a break once in awhile!

So call a friend, get a coffee, take that road trip you have been thinking about, maybe it’s simply picking up an old hobby and dabbling in that for a while. Whatever you find as your “rest” we encourage you to take one this winter! We thank you farmers, now it’s time you take a minute to thank yourselves!

Take a break and give Jared and Joe down at Agfinity a call, they always love hearing from you!

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