Times Have Changed, Have You?

By September 19, 2017Blog

As we are in the full swing of harvest let’s reflect back over the history of farming! From ancient Egyptians learning the power of irrigation, to the satellite driven combines of today, it is a strange thing, but farming is a profession that is as old, and as new, as it comes!

Today’s machinery is nothing short of ‘’Space-Age’’ with fully automated combines roaming the fields to the recent use of drones searching out heat signatures for certain insects, we have come a long way in the farming world, and it has brought insurance that crops can produce great efficient yields, year after year. Remember the days when your combine didn’t have air-conditioning? Or worse yet, no radio!?!

While not every farmer has the ‘’latest and greatest’’ machinery, it leaves the question of where the actual farmer will be in a decade or two. The population of the world grows rapidly and food will always need to be consumed. So technology must provide some way to answer the demand, but where DOES that leave the farmer? What do you think about the level of technology in today’s farming?

We here at Agfinity love that all of our farmers, regardless of technology, are doing what they know how to do! We want to help all of you by doing what we know how to do, and that is getting you the fairest deal we can on all of your crops! Call us today and let us help!

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