I planted, it grew, I collected, NOW WHAT?!

By October 16, 2017Blog

Well it’s that time again, the storehouses are filling up, the combines almost through the last acres, the harvest of the year is just about collected, but the question remains, “WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THIS STUFF?”

Yes the farmer must know a wide range of skills to keep their farm operating, from planting, to harvesting, from changing a tire to rebuilding an engine, the skills required for this job, are second to none!  So after all of this knowledge comes together and manages to collect the precious crop, the farmer must now put on a different hat and try to get what he can for his blood and sweat, growing this year’s crop! Because that is kind of the point isn’t it, they grow this so they can sell it…

Fortunately in today’s market, help is close by! Enter a team that can help you wear that hat, the hat of the salesman. Now you have the fortune of having a team of people that wear that specific hat, all year long! That’s right, the team at Agfinity is dedicated to finding the right place to move your product, so you can capitalize on all of that hard work!

We take this seriously, we see the labour you give, day and night, regardless of what else is going on, and we are dedicated to making sure that all of those efforts are paid for, year after year! Please let us help wear that hat with you today, and give us a call!

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