The Next Generation of Farmer’s, are on a smart phones!?!

By September 28, 2017Blog

Who loves farming?!? Stupid question right? At Least on this blog. Have you thought about the NEXT generation of farmers? They have cell phones, they know how to text message, hey, they even have Facebook pages! The next generation of farmers, will still be farmers, OR WILL THEY!?!


While I say that last phrase tongue in cheek, it does leave one wondering does it not? I know we can look at all the negative effects a kid stuck on his device, browsing endless feeds about seemingly needless subjects they could look at can be, but rather than be afraid of the next generation farmers, and what they will do, MAYBE they are onto something!


There has been A LOT of bad press on farming practices, with very little rebuttal from those very farmer’s, why is that?  It seems that the large part of those conversations are in fact, online, and on those very feeds the next gen farmers are on right now! Hey if those kids were not only able to farm, BUT ALSO could portray the real life farm, on a platform that many of their peers could see, would that not be a great thing?


The world has changed, we cannot deny that. Farming has been changing too, technology driven farming is very real as you know. But the next step could very well be in the hand of those next generation farmers! Kids that are learning one of the oldest professions, but also have the knowledge of taking that, and presenting it to a massive audience, it just has not been done, YET.


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