Knowing Your Grain

By May 13, 2019Blog

Have you ever gone on Kijiji, found something that caught your eye (i.e.: a vehicle) and when
you open the add the information is extremely limited? It could be missing the Kilometer count
or any variety of important specs with a high price. For our buyers at Agfinity this is often the

When posting up grain it is extremely important to have all your specs listed. This is so vital
because by getting all the proper tests done on your grain different markets can open. This has
been the case for a lot of farmers with their high protein feed wheats early in the year. I’m sure
by now everybody has heard the term “falling number”, but what is it and what does it mean
for marketing grain? Falling number is a test used to determine the enzyme activity and the
sprouting in your wheat. In the fall this was a big opportunity for a premium on your feed
wheat. If the falling number was over 300sec and protein was over 13.5% the wheat could have
been put into a milling market fetching a 25-50 cent premium per bushel!

The case has changed now, for the most part we’re currently looking into spring threshed
grains. When it comes to spring threshed the most important things to know are weight,
moisture, and excreta and, in the case of canola, total damage and oil content.

All of that above to say, when all the specs are listed, not only do buyers know exactly what
they’re getting, but there would be no “surprises” in the end. Also, that different premiums and
bonus’s for farmers can be applied to your grain!

Clayton Lockhart
Jr Trader
1 888 969 5552 – ext 1