Farming Stays the Same yet has Constant Change

By August 11, 2017Blog

What’s old is new again.

That timeless adage is something that fits very well in the genre of farming.

Old, you say? Farming is certainly one of the longest-running professions of all time. Since the dawn of man, people have had to eat, right?

As an occupation, farming is generational, as the skills and work ethic required are passed down from father to son time and time again, just as the family farmland itself passes from one generation to the next. It’s far from an easy job, hardly a cushy gig.

No 9-to-5ers need apply. Farming is a way of life.

Farming is hard work, but it’s good work because new accomplishments can be achieved every single day. To be a successful farmer, you kind of have to be good at everything – the quintessential Jack of all trades.

As for the new … this goes far beyond just a new crop every year. The crops themselves – what’s planted in the ground – are new and different. Wheat and other staples will always be part of every year’s harvest. But there’s many exciting ways that farming has branched out.

Hemp is becoming a bit of a cash crop. Lentils and pulses have been increasingly in demand as the world looks for alternate sources of protein. Malt barley has also seen a huge boost in demand with all the craft breweries popping up around the world.

It is such an interesting business. At first glance, farming stays the same year after year. Yet for every page on the calendar that gets flipped, there is some sort of changes that truly keep the farming industry fresh.

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