Does the farming industry ever change?

By August 3, 2017Blog

From the outsider (city-slicker, haha) perspective, maybe not. But if you are entrenched in the fields every day, you know very well that a great deal has changed over the years. In fact, farming is an industry that has probably evolved as much as any with so many rapid developments.
“More than ever, farmers are embracing technology,” said Jared Seitz of Agfinity.
“And not just when it comes to the latest tractors and equipment. Almost every farmer now carries a smartphone and is more connected than they’ve ever been.”
The list of improvements, thanks to technology, is almost endless.
“There are some pretty nifty corn seeders that lay out polyurethane during the planting process in order to increase the heat units to bring corn to grain opposed to silage,” added Agfinity’s Joseph Billett.
“There are hundreds of new and cool things. One could spend a whole day Googling all the new tractors.”
Right from the start, the Agfinity team embraced technology, too, finding out that it could help them help farmers.
“The allure was to bring the developments of the tech industry to trade grain in a more efficient and transparent way,” Jared said.

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