Come on, let’s plant already!

By March 12, 2018Blog

Well in a large portion of Canada we saw a new blanket of snow on the fields, it has been hard to keep that ground dry this year but hopefully things will pick up soon, because you know what is coming right? (Well of course every farmer does) It’s almost seeding time! With the preparation well underway on many farms across the nation we count down the days until the engines fire up and head out to seed the fields! But what do you do UNTIL that time comes? That is the real question…

Some people often wonder what happens to farms during the winter, do farmers make up fun games to play while they wait for the days they can drive their cool machines again? Seriously what goes on at the farm when it is buried under 2 feet of snow? Are all farmers part of a curling league? Is that how curling became popular? Is curling popular? How many times can a farmer check the weather a day? What is the best app for checking the weather? …

I believe what we just revealed to all of you is the fact that some people have no idea what a farm goes through year after year… Well let’s enlighten you. #1 A farmer can ALWAYS find something to work on! I don’t know of another profession where this is more true! There is SOMETHING, SOMEWHERE that needs some sort of attention, and during the winter months, that’s when these things are tended to!

A second point you need to know is that this is the time growers really move their harvest! It can actually be a hard time for the grower because shopping their crops can be incredibly difficult to do. They never really know if they are getting the right price and sometimes it’s too easy to second guess things, and make a mistake.

THIS IS WHY a large amount of farms rely on Agfinity to broker their grain for them. Agfinity relieves the pressure of making those hard choices and finds the best deal out there for the grower! If you are a farmer and have not called Jared or Joesph at Agfinity, well what are you waiting for! Let them move your grain, so you can get ready to seed once again!

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