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By February 14, 2018Blog
The Pint-Sized Agfinity Newsletter!


Welcome to The Pint-Sized Agfinity Newsletter!


Because it’s Valentine’s Day – and to class things up a little – we’re calling this the 9oz glass of wine newsletter!  It may not have the same ring as Pint Size, but it’s way more sophisticated, with great legs, high tannins, and a very fruity forward! … It’s also made in Alberta, so Premier Notley (hopefully) won’t be able to ban you from reading it. 😉      






– Joseph Billett


  I was able to take my youngest son Samuel, aged 5, to the Edmonton Oilers/Florida Panthers game this Monday. He’s been asking to go to an “orange team” game for months, so he was a little excited to say the least! Adding to the excitement, after being voted The Greatest NHL Team in History, the ’84-’85 Oilers team was there too! Now, to be honest, I was 4 and 5 years old during their glory days, so I only remember the odd moment of greatness. And Samuel seemed more impressed by his popcorn, cotton candy and the giant screen, but it was still a pretty cool father-son moment!
  Seeing the
orange team
in front of us, along with the coinciding 2018 Winter Olympics, really gets a person thinking about what makes a great team. It’s hard work developing and coaching a team. We have awesome talent on the Oilers bench, but talent alone doesn’t make a winning team.

  Agfinity’s core values of producing value, being innovative, efficient, transparent and unbiased align and govern our team.
We pass to the open players! We run the play that will execute the best possible outcome. We communicate our failures and victories so we can learn from them and capitalize on them the next time. We are working on all these things to be a better team for you! To get you, our customer and teammates, more wins (
and to mitigate your losses)!

  The greatest NHL Hockey Team was selected after 3.60 million votes were cast. Our goal is to be
The Greatest Grain Brokerage Team
of all time. It’s going to take work, and we can’t do it without you!
  But before you cast your vote, allow us help you get another grain marketing win! Hope to hear from you soon!! – Follow us on Twitter@JosephBillett


We’ll keep this quick because we were up till 2 watching the Olympics…


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Valentine’s Day – It’s a Team Effort!


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