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At Agfinity, we are transforming technology and the future of agriculture. Grain markets are moving faster than ever, and we are here to connect a community of buyers and sellers on one collaborative and efficient platform. Through our Live Market, we offer a completely transparent experience while providing our customers with the best prices and options to suit their needs.

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An Efficient and Rewarding Grain Marketing Experience

What Is the Grains Market?

The grains market is perhaps the oldest market in history, predating our civilization by millennia. For as long as humanity has grown grains, we have been trading them, and this market still holds significance in today’s world. 

In modern society, farmers still market their grain and sell what they grow on a larger scale. Customers can include ranchers who need feed for their livestock to ethanol factories requiring grains for their products. 

Local buyers set the current cash price for grain in that area’s market. But to stay competitive in the grain market, producers rely on accurate data, such as weather trends, to determine their prices and sell grain. 

Those involved in the grain marketing supply chain rely on technology for their success. This is why Agfinity offers a real-time live market and grain marketing app so you can view trade history, local pricing and gain access to a live futures feed.

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How Trading and Marketing Grains With Agfinity Works


Whether you are in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or British Columbia, we are here to help you by offering up-to-date pick-up and delivery pricing for grains in Western Canada.

Have a question or problem regarding your grain.

We trade grain, so any question related to that we can help you with……and sometimes a few that aren’t related to grain.

There are many ways to get in touch with us.

Through our website, our App on IOS or Google Play, Social Platforms, and Texting, we are always looking to reach out to you and we are constantly working to make it easier for you to reach us.   

We want to find you the best opportunity for your grain.

Browse our live market prices and offers, or use our app to check out the trade history, local pricing, and live future feeds.  Then let’s talk about the best opportunities, we will post up your grain on the live market.  When your grain gets posted with Agfinity it is instantly shown to 25-50 buyers who are logged into the Agfinity Buyer Hub daily bidding and negotiating on your grain.

We bring you back the bids, then we get back to work for you.

Getting bids for your grain and bringing them back to you is only a piece of what we do.  Remember we are value producers, harvesting the best grain trading opportunities for our customers.  We work with you and the buyers through counters, and more counters to lock in the best deal for your grain for all parties and to make sure that we are all on the same page and there is no confusion.  

All deals are documented and sent out to all parties.

Before paperwork is sent we go through a buyer and seller good-to-go checklist.  This makes sure that we catch any concerns or discrepancies, like the quality of the grain, timeframe, contact details, how payment will be sent, and discount schedules just to name a few.  We can’t create a broker note or contract without these checklists being complete.  Then we send the contract out to the seller, the buyer, and the transporter if Agfinity is coordinating the freight.   

Our Job isn't done yet.

This is where our amazing and oh-so-humble CEC (Customer Experience Coordinators) come in.  They will be notified if there were any special or specific terms on the deal.  As well as checking in weekly to make sure that scheduling for pickup and deliveries is taken care of.  They also call and make sure that payment is on track.  Their job is to make sure you have a great experience and that we do what we said we were going to do.  

When the loads are moved and you get paid, we follow up to do it again.

Marketing and trading grain isn’t a one-off.  It’s a long-term relationship we want the seller and the buyer to have a great experience and we would love to work with you to help market and source all your grain every year.  After all, Farming is Forever.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether your marketing or buying your first truckload of grain or you are the 3rd generation shot caller.  These are some of the frequently asked questions that we hear as were talking with you.

What do you think the market is going to do? ↓

We wish we knew, unfortunately our Magic Eight Ball is in the shop. All joking aside we don't try to predict or chase the markets, we work to ride the wave and give recommendations as we go. This is why we show price indications and grain that has been traded. Constantly talking with buyers to keep a finger on the markets.

Do you trade commodities other than feed grains? ↓

We do now! A few years ago we used to only focus on feed and off spec grains, we are pretty good at those. Now we have the contacts and relationships to find you the best opportunities for all your grains. This goes for buyers as well as sellers.

Where are you located? ↓

We are now fully remote, since March 2020 we have been virtual. We tried a few times to get back to the office but with weather, sick kids, and no clothes that fit. We thought it best to give up the office and work from home. That doesn't mean we don't get together often to trade, team build, hit trade shows, and conferences. We still have a full schedule of running around.

What buyers do you work with? ↓

We have 350 companies set up in the Agfinity Buyer Hub and of those companies we have over 500 people that we communicate with to buy grain. From feedlots, feed Mills, ranchers, grain merchants or resellers, to line companies and elevators. These are relationships that we have built and grown over the past 12 years that we have been in business.

Who is paying me? ↓

Great question, depending on the type of deal that we do will dictate who the buyer pays and who will be paying the seller. Agfinity started with a classic brokerage model where we connect the buyer and the seller and send out broker notes, the buyer is purchasing the grain from the seller and issues payment directly to the seller in the agreed too timeframe stated on the broker note. Then both parties would be issued invoices for the agreed too brokerage. Late in 2022 we added another tool to our toolbox and that is Grain Purchase Contracts. This is where Agfinity purchased the grain from the seller and sells it to a buyer. The buyer then pays Agfinity and then Agfinity pays the seller. We always work to issue payment by EFT which speeds up the process. The margin we take is exactly the same as the brokerage we charge but neither the buyer or seller is invoiced for that. Sellers are getting paid quicker and more efficiently and buyers no longer need to worry about grain quality or other issues that may arise on a deal. We are always working to create efficiency and innovation for both parties. Both of these models are in play at Agfintiy, we like to think of it as a hybrid model.


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