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“Honey, I just have a couple things to finish up in the yard before I come in,” and then 2 hours later you come in to an ice cold reception and supper…  Well, this is the opposite of that… this is your pint size newsletter!

We are value producers…

– Joseph Billett


When you’re crafting your core values, it’s hard to understand the difference between an
value and an
one.  An actual core value, meaning who we are today, and an aspirational value, being who we aspire to be tomorrow.  As the Agfinity team discussed at length who we are and who we want to be, we truly felt that we are value producers, everyday harvesting the best grain trading opportunities for sellers and buyers alike.

How do we provide value, you ask?

What a great question! And are we glad you brought it up!  First of all, through things like these newsletters and our blogs. Our social media channels: Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter View on Instagram, and our fantastic, funny, sometimes serious videos View our videos on YouTube

 The ever-changing grain pricing we update… the sales history, as it happens, and as it happened, so you can see what traded last week, last month or 5+ years ago if you’re really curious!  Not to mention, seeing what other sellers are offering their grain at on the live offers page of our website.

  We also are working hard to provide value with dedicated traders we call “plowers” that give you a call or send you a text with the latest and greatest pricing there is to offer.

Equally so, we spend a lot of time building relationship with our buyers so that when you’re on the hunt for the best possible opportunity, price, shipping time, or flexible high moisture / low bushel weight sale, we can call on them and share the love.  We do the same thing for our buyers by making sure the product they ordered is shipped when they need it and by asking the necessary questions regarding the quality of your grain.

“But we pay you for all this…”

 It’s true. Our brokerage fee is worked into these deals.  But value is the worth of something compared to the price you paid for it.  The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth or usefulness of something.

 We truly value you and your family’s livelihood and the feedlots and buyers that we work with everyday!  We hope you find value in what we do! If not, please let us us know where we can do better!

…Which leads us to the topic of the next Pint Size Newsletter, Transparency. Stay tuned!

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