The Pint-Sized Agfinity Newsletter January 25th 2018

A quick update on grain markets and trading opportunities!
The Pint-Sized Agfinity Newsletter!
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Welcome to The Pint-Sized Agfinity Newsletter!

When you say to your friends, I can only stay for 1 drink this is the newsletter equivalent.  Just to be clear, this will be quick, because when I say to my friends “just 1 drink”, that’s usually code for 3!       


The hashtag #NationalComplimentDay brings me
way back
to last night, at the dinner table, when my 6 year old son Truett told his older sister she was, well, I’m sure you can fill in the blank…  Hannah, my 11 year daughter, who is as gracious and kind as any big sister returns the insult in kind, adding that little something extra to elicit a firm kick from Truett and hysterical laughter from my 5 year old, Samuel.  

This is the moment when I get the “
stop laughing you idiot and do something
” look from my loving wife Amy.  This is where I like to implement my tried and tested
. Everyone has to participate and look each other in the eyes when they do it. At first, when tensions are high, its as awkward as a grade 7 school dance, but as the compliments are spoken – and at first they range from “I like your socks” to “I like it when you don’t kick me” – then we start to get a breakthrough, and the gold starts to come out! “Hannah I love it when you play with us,” and “Truett, you’re really smart and creative!” Unfortunately, Samuel still finishes every compliment with, butt (not but)…  However, we’re getting some progress!  

Why am I sharing this…? Not just because it’s #NationalComplimentDay, but because, sometimes, compliments are hard and uncomfortable and don’t even get me started on how we suck on receiving compliments!  If we can step out of our about me mentality and say something appreciative and sincere to someone else – that’s where the gold is – that’s where we truly begin to value one another!
  I’ll start: you are a smart and wise grain marketer who puts relationships first while still demanding the best value.  How do I know that?  Because you’re talking to us! – Joseph Billett

What We’re Hearing in Agriculture

Making someone else look shorter doesn’t make you taller! Except in the case of the weakening US dollar…..

Global competition for trade around the Black Sea is beating up the U.S. export market share.  The weakening US dollar is being seen as good news.  Many investors are pulling their funds away from the USD as the global reserve currency. This money is now feeding into the British Pound, Euro, and the Yen.  Trump not playing / trading well with others is the main contributing force to the downward slide of the American dollar. We are still seeing strength in the CAD even with NAFTA meetings in progress in Montreal.
We got the TPP band back together! You used to know them as CPTPP, but don’t worry, all the songs are the same, unfortunately….

Trade Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne was pleased to announce that Canada and the 10 other remaining members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership concluded discussions in Tokyo, Japan, on a new Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). “We said from the beginning that we didn’t want just any deal; we wanted a good deal for Canada and for Canadians. Canada went to great lengths to ensure to reach a progressive agreement that will benefit Canada and Canadians for decades to come. These involved a whole-of-government approach and direct engagement at the highest levels,” said Champagne. “The agreement reached in Tokyo today is the right deal.” Not everyone agrees with that statement, many supply managed producer groups (ie:Dairy Farmers, Chicken Farmers) are wondering why we’re doing the same deal when the biggest player (US) is no longer at the party.  These groups are voicing concerns about the effect of giving up some market opportunities in all the ongoing trade deals that Canada is part of, including the TPP, Canada-EU trade deal, and if things work out a restructured NAFTA.         
Same station, same tune…..

Boring grain markets have been similar to when you were home sick as a kid and all there is to watch on TV is soap operas.  Canola has gotten dragged into this doldrum as well and all signs are pointing down for Canola. ICE Canola is showing March resistance slipping lower, around the $497/MT level.  Currently the first level of support is $488/MT and the 2nd level is at $483/MT.  These levels have been decreasing constantly.  Premiums are available is sellers execute on spot basis contracts, at those levels we are seeing $492 – 497/MT based on the March futures.  Based on where how the markets are trending downward with oilseeds, spot basis premiums that buyers are offering should be seen as cash pricing opportunities.  Give us a call to find you those opportunities 1-888-969-5552 or

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