Never wrestle with a strong man

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This is the Pint Sized Agfinity Newsletter!
Never wrestle with a strong man! … Nor should you bring a rich man to court…

– Joseph Billett

We know many of our producers are still waiting for the fields to dry and weather to cooperate, so I figured it might be a prime time for all of us to watch me lift and pull a few heavy things!

I participated in Spruce Grove’s Strongest Man again this September 8th. This was the fourth year of the event and the fourth event I’ve competed in. My friends Derek and James do a fantastic job organizing it. Agfinity is one of the sponsors and it’s a great time to bring some of the community together.

Now, when watching these videos, you’re going to hear my
amazing cheer team.
I may not have been the strongest, but my team sure was the loudest! 
Thanks guys. You crushed it!  

 We’re looking forward to helping you market your crop this coming year!

In the meantime, please sit back and enjoy watching me work. And if you have any questions, grain or strong-man related, we’d love to hear them!

– Joseph Billett
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The Events: 

1. Harness Truck Pull.

34,000 lbs!

2018 Spruce Groves Strongest - Harness Truck Pull

2. Overhead medley.

[Log-Axle-Block-Keg-Giant Log]
Womens: 100 100 105 110 130  –  
Mens: 180 225 190 255 300
2018 Spruce Groves Strongest - Overhead Medley

3. Car Deadlift.

(Jeep Cherokee – Mens 640lb at the top)

2018 Spruce Groves Strongest - Car Deadlift

4. Conan’s Wheel.

More a test of will than strength.

480lbs Mens  –  290lbs Womens
2018 Spruce Groves Strongest - Conan's Wheel

5. Atlas stone series.

Increasing weight, descending height.
Womens: 150-170-200-230  –   
Mens: 230-255-285-320-345

2018 Spruce Groves Strongest - Atlas Stones Series.


Thanks for watching!!!

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#3CW HRS Wheat
 (ID: 12045)
264.00 MT
Valhalla Centre, Alberta

 Sep 11 – Sep 15
 (Gross Price)

 (Net Price)
 Sep 11, 2018

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