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You’ll lap this up faster than your field after a few drops of rain this spring.  This is your pint-sized newsletter. 

Innovative & Efficient…

– Joseph Billett

Full disclosure, I said I was going to talk about transparency in this pint-sized newsletter. But then I realized I already did back on April 23rd! … How’s that for transparency! lol…  So! To finish things off, our last-but-not-least core value:

Being innovative and efficient.

We cultivate meaningful relationships through innovative systems, efficient processes and transformative technology as we plow into the future of agriculture.

   One thing we all probably recognize when it comes to technology or software is, like anything else, you get what you pay for. And it ain’t cheap!  You can try to cut corners and make do, but in the long run, you end up paying for it anyway.

Being innovative doesn’t mean changing for the sake of changing, or fixing things that are working perfectly fine. It’s looking at what isn’t working, and figuring out how it can be done better. It’s taking a problem, and viewing it differently than before. We do this by introducing new and original ideas and being creative in our thinking. It also means some misses and failures until we get it right… which ties into that other core value of ours, transparency.

You may have noticed, we’re always trying new things! We’re also open to feedback and suggestions. Sometimes this turns out great, and in other instances, it’s like the first time I changed the oil on my truck and wondered why it was pink before realizing I drained the transmission… I got there! But it took a little longer!

 While we’re trying to be innovative, we work to balance it out by also being as efficient as we possibly can. These values sound nice when paired together, but at times, they are polar opposites.
Efficiency; achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. Again, I think this is the goal for all of us as we run our farms and businesses to do it right the first time, playing to the old saying that
“perfect practice creates perfect results”.

My new favorite quote is: 
“how you do anything is how you do everything.” 
We try to exemplify this in our quest to be efficient in all we do, in all our conversations, and to bring you value, by saving you time s
o you can do what you do best.

   We appreciate your patience as we move forward and hope you are seeing the steps we’re taking to be more efficient, so you can be more effective, and most importantly,
more profitable!

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