It’s Election Time!

By October 16, 2019Newsletter
As we approach the final days leading up to the election many of you may have already voted via to the advanced poll but many of you may still be undecided or waiting for the actual voting day. Before I get into my political rant here is a break down of my background and what shapes my beliefs. I grew up in a small-town west of Leduc where agriculture, oil and the coal power plant were the biggest sources of jobs in my area. This is what I have grown up with and known.
One take away I have gotten from this election so far is the amount parties care about Alberta and western provinces and what we stand for. As I drive around all I seem to notice are political signs for the conservatives and the People party of Canada nothing from any of the other parties running. Occasionally I will see a few from other parties but not very often. It seems like they know they don’t have to try here as we have made up our minds. Which may be partly true, but it would be nice to see a little effort from the other parties. Even when it comes to promises and concerns, they are all directed to the two provinces that hold the most seats. Sometimes I wish I understood politics better to know why the seats are broken up this way.
 The other day I watched one of the videos of Elizabeth May talking to an undecided voter. On this episode it was a farmer from Saskatchewan. This farmer grew very frustrated with her as she did not seem to understand the need for exporting and wanted to keep everything local, she didn’t even care to listen. She also wanted to start more local gardens. I guess this is typical from the Green party wanting local, but she didn’t even want to listen to the producer’s concerns about exporting. This is another very frustrating thing about the election no one has taken time to listen to our needs.
My final takeaway is that grain marketing is like an election you can not always win by getting everything you want from a trade. You have to weigh all of your options and decide what is the best for you at this time. You read all your option and, even if they are all not the greatest for you, you find what suits your needs the best. Maybe at this time, you need a better price but maybe next time you will need quick movement for cash flow. You can not always win, and you must give up something in the process. When it comes to the election maybe the party you support does not have a platform you agree with 100% but compared to your other options, they are the best choice this may be the way you vote to best represent you. At Agfinity we can’t help making your election choices any easier for you, but we will listen to you and try to find the best grain marketing options for you by taking what you need and finding the best option at that time.
Because Farming is Forever
Erin Harakal
Jr. Trader

Elizabeth May Meets Voters Face-to-Face


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