Happy Halloween!

By November 1, 2019Newsletter
The harvest weather this year has been plenty scary and certainly is keeping everyone busy this time of year. Because of the prolonged harvest you may not have had time to get a costume made up! Here a couple ideas for things that we might find scary.
1.) Hail Forecast

This is something everyone hates to see in the forecast and will be sure to give your neighbors a fright.

2.) Broken Down Tractor
Another thing ever farmer hates to see. From stopping progress and being expensive to fix this for sure is a nightmare.

3.) Rusty Grain Beetles
Nobody likes these little guys who can cause grain to heat and spoil. Grain beetles can be killed by moving grain in temperatures below -20 degrees Celsius. If it’s that cold on Halloween your child may have to wear a jacket over the costume no fun for anyone.

4.) Wild Oats
Wild oats seems like a difficult costume to pull off. How would anybody know what you are? I’m thinking we go outside the box on this one and dress up as a roughed up Quaker who has seen better days. Wild you might describe them as. You still will certainly have to give an explanation but may provide a chuckle for anyone who gets the joke.

5.) Tough Grain

It’s time to put those muscles to good use. I’m thinking dressing up as a regular kernel but with the sleeves ripped off and perhaps some fake tattoos. Or real ones if you are tough enough.

6.) Scarecrow

You can’t go wrong with classics. Scarecrow is a simple classic costume that never disappoints. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best option.

I hope everyone has a good Halloween if you celebrate. We are going to be at Agri-Trade in Red Deer Wednesday-Friday so if you would like to meet up give us a call!

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