It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By October 10, 2017Blog

Across the Northern hemisphere the weather is changing, trees are turning colour, days are getting shorter, and in the distance a familiar sight meanders through the fields. It’s harvest time, the time of year where all those that live off of what grows from the Earth are busy riding those beautiful combines, gathering the fruits of their labour.

It’s funny we have December 31st as the end of the year, I believe that too many farmers, the harvest is the true end of the year. With Christmas everything is busy, people rushing to get last minute gifts, or that last jar of cranberry sauce before the store closes… But for the farmer, it’s busy alright, but a LOT more rides on their resiliency!

Harvest time is where it all comes together, the months of preparation, planting, grooming, cultivating thousands of acres of land, and it is all a race. “How long will the weather hold?” the weather has no ‘’closing time’’ the weather marches to its own drum, and we, as humans, and especially those who farm, are at her mercy.

We wish ALL the farmers out there in their machines a very happy harvest! Remember to give us at Agfinity a call, as we are here to help you get the best value for all that labour you have poured into the Earth this year!

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