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Well we are very sorry folks, but honestly, there is nothing we can do! The snow has not relented for a good portion of the prairies, and as most people, we too are sick of it… While we wait for the freeze to stop freezing, we can’t help but think of the first of the settlers that made their trek out west to become the original farmers on the prairies.

While it still really sucks that farmers in these parts cannot get as ready as they want to for planting, we do have to be rather thankful this isn’t 100 or so years ago. Imagine dragging everything you owned to an unknown land, sure there is hope and promise at first! But imagine that first winter after busting your butt all summer, wow, that would be a shocker to say the least…

Fast forward back to today, where we have heated garages for our tractors and most of the chickens have better insulation in their coops than the settlers did… Again, it always sucks when things do not go fully to plan. It’s hard when we have such great ambition to have a great year and something like the weather has another idea. We really don’t like being delayed throughout this process, BUT (here it is) MAYBE instead of us worrying, maybe we should be a touch more on the thankful side…

It isn’t 100 years ago, we have struggle yes, but many of the things that just killed people back in the day we now have very safe work arounds for! All of this being said an attitude of thankfulness is always appreciated. So while we wait, and waiting we are, let’s not lose sleep, let’s be thankful that it WILL warm up, and we WILL plant soon enough!

The guys down at Agfinity are very thankful that you would take your hard earned crops and allow them to find the best buyers out there, give them a call!

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