The sad part of being a farm kid on Halloween…

By October 30, 2017Blog

Well farming is awesome, we all know that! Being a farm kid can be awesome too! There is a whole ecosystem to explore, be a part of, and help with! Going out to the barn with dad, riding awesome machines, the list could be a mile long! But there is one drawback about being on the farm as a kid, Halloween, and here’s why…

Ok so a farm can be big, like really big, and to a kid it might as well be space or something. Your closest neighbour lives a mile down the road, and unless you have been training some serious marathons as a 10 year old, it is going to take one heck of a long time trying to collect any dang candy!!!

Have any of the city folk thought seriously about this?!?! Most kids in the suburbs can walk for 15 minutes and have to make a pit stop back at home to dump off a load of sugar! While the kids on the farm have to make sure they carry enough water for the return trek, or maybe camp out along the way and make it back in the morning!….

Alright while we joke around, this can be a great time for people to drive to a designated farm, set up a bonfire, and drink hot chocolate late into the autumn night! It maybe hard to ‘trick or treat’ to 100 doors on October 31st for a farm kid, but if we know anything about the farm life, the people are resourceful, and can make Halloween, even for a farm kid, a night to remember!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone! From everyone here at Agfinity!

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