The next meal you eat DO THIS FIRST!

By November 15, 2017Blog

To say we are merely thankful for farmers would be a gross understatement. However that sentiment is not held by nearly enough! Today it’s time we thank farmers for all that has been done for all the city folk out there!

As we think of all the food that a farmer produces, the simple ones come to mind, vegetables, fruits, grains, but wait, that’s the raw produce that comes from those tedious months of cultivating a crop, but what we really forget is that almost EVERYTHING we eat, and yes even drink, comes from the results of an age old profession known as farming!!

Sitting down to a steak dinner (especially in Alberta) you have to thank the ranch farm. Hearing that enticing ‘pop, fizzz’ that comes from a delicious malt beverage (beer) we HAVE to thank the barley farmer! Even stopping in at Canada’s number 1 visited coffee shop (Tim Hortons) means that afternoon doughnut cannot be enjoyed unless, you guessed it, a farmer was involved!

Next time you sit down at the dinner table, make sure to say Grace, and this time be sure to throw in an extra ‘’Thank you’’ to the farmers that grew that meal you are about to enjoy!

Give us a call here at Agfinity, we are REALLY thankful for farmers and it shows with our dedication in getting you the best rate we can for all you farmers out there, hey, Thanks again! It’s the least we can do!

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