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If you’re looking to buy or sell grain in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia or Manitoba, we would like to help you with that! Check out our cash grain market for up-to-date picked-up and delivered pricing for feed barley, feed wheat and milling grade wheat, feed oats, milling oats, pony oats, peas / pulses, canola, lentils and everything else that grows out of the ground in western Canada.

We specialize in getting farmers above average feed barley prices, feed wheat prices and oat prices.

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We're evolving with the industry.

Markets are moving faster and faster. To keep up, Agfinity connects a community of buyers and sellers all on one collaborative platform.

Full disclosure.

We differ from our competitors by allowing full access to our marketplace. While obtaining a great price is key, we also want to provide buyers and sellers with the choice that best suits their needs. This includes, but is not limited to: buyer/seller information, payment terms, movement terms, and required grain specifications.

We're easy to do business with.

Our top priority is to be reliable, trustworthy and resourceful for the lifetime of your business. We take this goal seriously, and never take your business for granted.


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